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Observatory room for parents at Care for Autism (CFA) respects the urge of parents to peep into the world of learning of their children. It gives them a glimpse of all the activities their child learns and does when they are with us in the centre under the guidance of their trainers. Many institutes, including ours, do not allow parents to enter the premises of the institute. The reason remains unwanted behaviour that children often show when they see their parents around makes it difficult for trainers to control them. But at the same time, we do respect the curiosity parents feel to know the activities of their children in the institute. Observatory room at CFA is a solution to this problem parents often face. We have a well-equipped specialized area with LED-TV connected to CCTV of all places where children are involved in activities. Parents can come and covertly watch their child learning activities in the classrooms. We work in transparency to win the trust of parents and thus have come up with the effective solution to satisfy the need of parents. In addition, it helps us monitor the staff and maintain the discipline and integrity of the institute as well.

At CFA, we are using the multi-sensory room as a transition zone. In other words, we take children to the multi-sensory room after they finish their every session and are about to begin the next one. These few minutes’ breaks help children relax, control their overwhelming emotions and reduce the frequency of melting down phases, making them motivated and ready to interact.