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Our Outpatient Department offers comprehensive psychological consultations and diagnostic services to ensure your needs are met with the highest standards.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy services help children improve their communication skills through personalized treatment plans addressing speech and language disorders.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Our Occupational Therapy services focus on helping children improve their daily living and working skills through customized therapeutic interventions.

Psychological Assessment

Our psychological assessment services begins with an OPD session, followed by detailed psychometric assessment and tailored guidance, ensuring clear understanding and recommendations.

ABA & Expressive Art Therapies

We provide ABA and Expressive Art Therapies to foster emotional expression and behavioral improvement through creative and structured approaches.

Special Education

Our Special Education program provides tailored educational support to meet the unique learning needs of children with disabilities.

Academic & Trainings

Our academic and training services offer internships, seminars, workshops, and autism awareness campaigns, providing a comprehensive educational experience in the field of psychology and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Diet Clinic

Our Diet Clinic offers personalized nutritional counselling and meal planning to promote healthy eating habits and manage dietary-related health issues.

Parent Training Program

Our Parent Training Program equips parents with essential skills and strategies to support their children’s development and well-being effectively.

Home Plans

Our Home Plans service offers customized programs that parents can implement at home to support their child’s ongoing development and therapy goals.

Observation Room For Parents

Our observation room for parents provides a spacious, comfortable area with CCTV surveillance, allowing real-time monitoring of therapy sessions and ensuring transparency and effective management.